5 Do’s and Don’t for Influencer Recruiting

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We’re pleased to present this guest blog post written by Amanda Cross who is a millennial lifestyle blogger and writer from Arkansas. Through producing content and working closely with brands she’s come to understand the needs of both creators and the brands who sponsor them. Her mission is to bring clarity for both sides of the aisle so brand partnerships can be valuable for readers, bloggers, and brands.  Read on to find out Amanda’s top Do’s and Don’ts for recruiting your next influencers!

As a content creator who’s been producing content since 2011, I’ve had my fair share of companies reach out to me. Most of those emails wind up unanswered because there is a disconnect with the company’s approach. If you are interested in engaging influencers, you should keep these “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in mind. I’ve come up with these rules after years of personal experience and chatting with other influencers. Follow these best practices, and you will have much more success getting your emails answered.

Do: Contact Influencers Via Email

Email is the best method of approaching influencers about a brand engagement. Emails are usually easy to find for most bloggers via their social media (generally in their biography) or on their contact page. Influencers are typically very open with their contact information. If you cannot find it, send them a direct message asking for it on the social media platform they seem most active on.

Don’t: Contact Influencers Via Instagram Comment

The comment section of an Instagram

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