5 Ways to Make Summer Your Best Partnership Season Ever

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Memorial Day may be the beginning of some long, lazy summer weekends filled with barbecues, swimming and just relaxing, but if you are looking to scale your partnership program, this season doesn’t need to slow you down. Instead, since co-workers on vacation might mean less meetings and fewer deadlines, you just might find time to tackle some of the tasks you normally don’t have room for in your busy day. Here’s how you can put the pedal to the metal even while you take some time to sit back and enjoy some summer fun:

1. Plan ahead

For those in retail and other seasonally-focused industries, back-to-school and holiday time is just around the corner. This is a great time to plan ahead and get essential tasks out of the way before crunch time. Is there content that needs to be created to share with your partners? Are there budgets to be examined before the fourth quarter rolls around? Are you building a product launch plan for the fall? Summer is the perfect opportunity to do that kind of advance planning and set yourself up for partnership success.

2. Dig into KPIs and metrics

You might not think of the dog days of summer as prime time for digging deeply into data. But the fact is, certain reports can help establish new customer value from certain publishers or assist in determining incrementality. When things slow down in the office, it’s a good idea to spend time analyzing your partners: You can

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