Partnerize and Partnership Enrichment

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For some time, we have sounded a drumbeat to advocate for partnership, a broad term that encompasses a wide range of partner types, from major media companies to influencers, loyalty communities, channel partners, and affiliates. Most companies are already active in at least some areas of partnerships – in a recent survey we conducted of more than 1,200 brand leaders worldwide, we found that 96% of retailers, travel companies, and financial services companies were active in partnerships.

So, yes, we talk about partnerships a lot. But our commitment to helping brands benefit from the totality of the partnership space is much greater than simply advocating for it. In fact, much of what we do as a company is guided by what we call a partnerships enrichment strategy that triangulates technology, expert advice, and AI-powered Intelligent Partner Discovery, based on a client’s specific business goals.

Finding new partners can be a powerful avenue to growth. After all, new partners can bring valuable benefits to a healthy and well-managed program:

Broader offer distribution, which results in greater reach and potentially greater frequency against key prospect customers. Ability to reach and connect with new target audiences that may not be regular users of your existing publisher partners. Opportunities to borrow credibility from brands and publishers that may be extremely important to prospects. Ways to grow the overall buying funnel by broadening it where bottlenecks currently limit your potential sales volume.

That said, all partners are not the same. Most of us know

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