AvantLink’s Updated Affiliate Marketing Platform, Arches, Set to Release

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The team at AvantLink is thrilled to announce our reimagined affiliate marketing platform, Arches, with a release as soon as next week.

We have recently been rolling out components of Arches, like the updated performance & AvantMetrics reports, the affiliate ad tools page, and the login pages. But the release next week will be our biggest reveal to date as we roll out the revamped affiliate dashboard and share the new features with our network partners.
“We’re excited to keep rolling the Arches updates out to our partners and see how they positively affect their performance marketing efforts,” said Scott Kalbach, CEO of AvantLink.

We’ve been working on the 2.0 version of AvantLink’s platform for about two years.  As we progressed through the 2.0 redesign, it became clear that this was more than a feature redesign; it was an evolution of identity and functionality, and it needed a brand.

The intent of our platform has always been to connect merchants and affiliates, and this new platform enhances those capabilities. The name “Arches” came to mind as we thought about the arch from point to point, connecting merchants and affiliates. And, being a Utah company with Delicate Arch on our license place, the name becomes an obvious choice.

Scott Kalbach also said, “Arches brings the next generation of data architecture, tracking, UI/UX and performance marketing technology to the AvantLink platform.” When all the features of the new platform are released, you will notice many improvements:

Increased Availability to Data


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