Why I am in the UK for London Tech Week 2019?

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Preamble: This week I am in London for London Tech Week, which has over 55,000 delegates from 90 countries, in partnership with the UK Department for International Trade. The UK leads Europe in technology investment and unicorns, which is why I am in the capital of the UK.


This week I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat helping lead a ground-breaking inaugural outreach in order to develop an exchange of innovation between Denver and London and the greater UK. The most exciting aspect of this partnership is the cooperation between the public and private sector as we forged new relationships and identified new opportunities. The Denver Economic Development and Opportunity office and The UK Department for International Trade, along with London and Partners and the UK Foreign Trade office, hosted five innovative Tech Entrepreneurs this week in and around London Tech Week Events.

The UK welcomed us with open arms, and more than one cup of coffee, as we discussed political climate, economic development opportunities, and in short, how we could link arms together to create a seamless flow of business between the heartland of America and the gateway to Europe.

Our Colorado Entrepreneur Delegates consisted of Tech-Focused companies that already lead our economy. This includes myself, Matt Frary, Chief of Chaos at SmarterChaos, (a digital marketing and customer acquisition solutions provider). It also includes Andrea Pearson, CMO of Dispatch Health (an on-demand urgent care platform),

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