Pivotal US affiliate study underpins importance of industry collaboration

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For the first time, the US market releases an extensive study on affiliate marketing. Kevin Edwards reveals why this is important for the industry.

A pioneering piece of work is set for release in the US next month that will measure the size of the affiliate channel here for the first time. This study has been years in the making, kicked around as an idea for more than a decade, taking two years’ hard work to deliver, ultimately providing a compelling snapshot of this multi-billion dollar marketing discipline.

Delivered by the Performance Marketing Association, the study includes collated financial performance from all the major affiliate networks and other platforms operating in the affiliate space, to produce both top-level spend and revenue numbers alongside return on investment figures for each sector.

While the numbers are still being verified and signed off by the project group coordinating the study, when released we will finally be able to demonstrate to CMOs and other senior decision makers the reason why they should include affiliate marketing as a central tenet of their marketing mix. The ROAS numbers will further enhance the channel’s reputation for delivery through the sheer bang for every buck invested.

While this may sound a simple exercise in data collection, having been involved in delivering the UK equivalent over the years I know the trust that has to be engendered in the participants to submit their numbers alongside their competitors in the first place.

Having achieved that, defining

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